Setting a Successful Septic Tank Pumping Schedule

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The typical recommendation for septic tank pumping frequency is every 3-5 years. This varies between households because it depends on how much wastewater is produced and how many people live in your home. Consistent septic tank pumping is key to maintaining your system and helping it to run optimally, while avoiding backups, clogs, or major repairs.

Setting a Successful Septic Tank Pumping Schedule

Here are some tips for setting a successful septic tank pumping schedule:

  • Factor in your usage and house size: The key is finding the typical rhythm for how much your home uses your septic system. The average daily use per person is 101.5 gallons, between showers, flushing the toilet, doing laundry, or running the dishwasher. If you know you have a period of heavy usage coming, such as hosting family for a large gathering, have your system pumped beforehand to avoid a backup.
  • Account for your type of system: The size of your septic tank will help to determine the right schedule for cleaning. A common septic tank size is 1,000 gallons. With four people living in the house and average usage, it should be pumped around every 3 years.
  • Schedule a spring or summer clean: It may come as a surprise that there are more ideal times of year to have your septic tank pumped. Having your service scheduled during the warmer months makes it easier for the technician and also prepares your system for what is typically a season of higher usage. Having a tank pumped during the spring also helps to avoid potential flooding during heavier seasonal rainfall.

A foolproof way to find the sweet spot for your septic tank pumping schedule is to talk to a technician from our team at AAA Action Septic Service. We will be able to recommend the ideal timeline based on your specific system and household needs. Our team is able to provide septic services to help take care of your home. Contact us today!