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Our team at AAA Action Septic offers grease trap cleaning services and can recommend how often to have it done.

Grease Trap Cleaning in Cleveland, TexasThere are a number of essential components within a septic system, and each plays a role in processing and storing liquid and solid waste. Some systems include grease traps, which are boxes designed to collect fat, grease, and oils from wastewater as it moves through the plumbing. A septic system can’t handle high volumes of grease, but the water and solid waste that comes through a kitchen sink might contain this slippery material. Excessive grease in a system can lead to clogs and other issues, and these are problems you certainly don’t want to deal with at your home or business.

If the septic system on your Cleveland, Texas property contains a grease trap, it’s important to keep up with some routine maintenance related to this component. A professional technician should perform grease trap cleaning on a regular basis to remove the collected oil, grease, and fat. By having your grease trap cleaned out routinely, you can keep things flowing smoothly in your system. However, failing to keep up with this task could result in an overloaded trap, which may allow grease and oils to move into the pipes and septic tank.

The frequency of grease trap cleaning depends on the usage and size of the system. Our team at AAA Action Septic Service offers grease trap cleaning services and can recommend how often to have it done. We’re also available to tackle other septic needs that may arise on your property. Reach out to us to learn more or schedule service.