Aerobic System Maintenance, Cleveland, TX

You can rely on AAA Action Septic Service to perform aerobic system maintenance.

If you’ve ever looked into septic systems, you may have heard about the two different types. The first is an anaerobic system, while the second is an aerobic system. Though they share some similarities, the key difference between the two system types is what type of components are used. An aerobic septic system uses mechanical components to treat liquid and solid waste that moves through the plumbing system on a property. It also relies on mechanical parts to emit treated water back into the ground. Another difference is that aerobic systems contain aerobic bacteria, or organisms that rely on air to survive, in the treatment of the wastewater.

Aerobic System Maintenance in Cleveland, Texas

Most aerobic systems contain a septic tank, an aerobic treatment unit, and an absorption field, also referred to as a drain field. Some also include a disinfectant chamber, where the wastewater undergoes additional treatment. Within the aerobic treatment unit, aerobic bacteria treat liquid waste and stay alive via air that is pumped into the system. Since this type of system has various functioning components, it requires regular maintenance. An experienced septic technician can assess the condition and function of each part during an aerobic system maintenance service. The task may also include cleaning and pumping out the tank, testing different parts, and performing other maintenance duties.

If you’re in or near Cleveland, Texas, you can rely on AAA Action Septic Service to perform aerobic system maintenance. We’re experts in this type of septic system and perform routine maintenance for clients located throughout our service area.