Four Signs It’s Time to Call for Septic System Repair

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If you’re one of the approximately 25 percent of Americans who own a septic system, it’s important to know the signs and symptoms of a system in need of repair. Here are some clues you’ll notice in and around your home when your system is in need of servicing from a septic professional.

Four Signs It’s Time to Call for Septic System Repair

1. Wet drainfield – Water consistently pooling and soaking your drain field is a clear sign of a septic system in distress. Similarly, if you notice your lawn becoming patchy — some areas of grass thriving while others are dry —  this could be due to wastewater accumulating in a single area, changing your lawn’s soil composition and hydration. Make a habit of monitoring your landscape and septic drain field to look out for this sign of trouble within your septic tank or drain pipes.

2. Backed up sewage- Sludge in your home’s shower or dirty water reappearing in your sink’s basin are atypical occurrences in a healthy, maintained septic system. If you’ve begun to experience backflow coming from your home’s drains, this could be evidence of a damaged septic system in need of repair.

3. Slow draining- If you’ve seen the water in your home’s showers, tubs, or sinks struggle to effectively drain — especially if this is occurring in more than one area — this could be a sign of trouble. Whether you’re experiencing a small clog or larger septic issue, this issue is evidence that you’ll want to schedule a checkup with a company that provides septic system repair.

4. Odors- Properly functioning septic systems should process your family’s wastewater in a hygienic, hassle-free way. If you’ve noticed sewage smells in your home or yard, this could be an indication that some component of your septic system is in need of repair.